St-Isidore Storage | About us

Who we are

Hans Dittli

Partner in St.Isidore Storage since 1994. Operates the elevator. Also helps Sonibrand with seeding, at the mechanic shop and elsewhere.  

Arnold Kuratli

Partner with Hans in St.Isidore Storage.
Grain dealer since 1994.

Véronique Mayer

Working for the team since june 2021.
She takes care of all the paperwork and accounting for St.Isidore Storage.


  • 1992

    Arnold and Anna Kuratli moved to Canada from Switzerland with their 3 children. They bought a grain elevator with 2, 500 tonne storage capacity and the 375 acres that were included.

  • 1993

    2 silos were built for a total of 2,600 tonnes. More then doubling what we bought.

  • 1994

    Hans Dittli and his wife Beatrice moves to Canada from Switzerland. Hans and Arnold became partners in the elevator. They then started the business as; St.Isidore Storage Ltd.

  • 2003

    added large coverall for an additional 6000 tonnes of storage

  • 2010-2011

    3 new silos where put up adding more than 7,500 tonnes of storage capacity

  • 2016

    fire destroys hay plant/work shop as well as grain storage shed behind elevator

  • 2017

    rebuilt work shop
    2 new silos built to replace old grain storage lost in fire.
    New loading and unloading pit installed.
    The elevator has expanded due to the growing demand and to better serve our customers.